Element Vape – Why Aren’t You Using This E-Juice?

Element Vape – Why Aren’t You Using This E-Juice?

Go through the World of Element Vape and kick butt completely around town with the hottest new product in vapor pillows. With the Element Vape Rewards program, you can obtain free samples of their groundbreaking type of premium dry herbal vaporizers and accessories. You may get your hands on some amazing kits including steam pillows, glass bowls, glass bubblers, herbal kits and even a mini-refrigerator to keep your medication cool if you are away from home. Take advantage of the benefits of the program to kick butt while enjoying the vaporized comfort of one’s favorite dry herbal vaporizer.

Get rewarded with free samples of the most recent in dry herbal vaporizers and accessories, the Element Vape Starter Kit. The starter kit includes: three high quality glass bowls, one mini-refrigerator with ice pack and water dispenser, and something mouthpiece made from genuine eucalyptus extract. Enjoy the comfort and ease of utilizing an electric humidifier included in the kit. The Element Vape Rewards program was created to help you become a long-time user of the best possible quality eucalyptus oils available.

Benefit from the convenience of using credit card payment at any of the participating retail stores. Once you have completed the web checkout process, simply print out the receipt and keep it together with your item for your return. Once you receive your free sample of the Element Vape Starter Kit, make sure to open to check out the included free dry herb bottle. You’ll receive three bottles to sample. There are no expiration dates or refunds offered regarding the ordering online.

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Order by phone or email and get a confirmation of your order. Once your order is positioned, it is possible to log into our secure website, select your preferred product and click on the “Submit Order” button. Please follow the link located in the email you obtain from us to register for the free trial offer. Go through the link to accept the conditions and terms of the promotion and begin enjoying your new Element Vape Rewards.

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